The Quality of Life Coalition (QLC) is exactly what its name implies. It is a coming together, a coalescing, of various groups and individuals concerned about the air, earth and water, about the density of development, the need for open space, the lack of parking, the flooding, and the host of difficulties that militate against a good and healthy living environment in this densely populated urban city.

The Hoboken streetscape and the city’s old and historic buildings are the charms that make Hoboken unique and desirable. Preservation of those gifts from the past is among the Coalition’s objectives in its continuing efforts to keep Hoboken as “a special place on the Hudson” as described by the Regional Plan Association (The Lower Hudson, RPA 1966).

The QLC was designated as a 501c3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service in 2006. As such, all contributions to the QLC are tax deductible.

What We’ve Done

The QLC Board Members

By-Laws of the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition

About the Committee for a Green Hoboken

Participation in the Committee for a Green Hoboken is open to anyone interested in reducing the CO2 outputs of our community and making Hoboken more environmentally sustainable. Since forming in September 2007, the Committee has grown to more than 30 volunteers, with a working committee that meets monthly. To date, QLC and the Committee have succeeded in pushing for the city’s adoption of a resolution to join the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, committing the city to audit and reduce its CO2 emissions by 2020, which should also reduce its energy bills. The Committee reached out to the NJ Board of Public Utilities to make sure Hoboken got to the front of the line for grant money towards the energy audit. The audit process is underway and the Committee remains a stakeholder.

The Committee has also raised awareness of ways in which individuals can reduce their CO2 emissions through its “Wake Up to Green” seminar series, “Easy Being Green” monthly tips, by hosting an expert panel on how to reduce energy consumption in condo common areas and within homes, as well as through participation in events around town. Most recently, the Committee started Hoboken Green Drinks – a monthly networking event for locals concerned with environmental issues who want to meet and chat with like-minded people.